Hope is a five letter word

And so it begins.

The weeks and months have been leading up to this very day, when at 11AM Eastern Time, Barack Obama will announce that he intends to run for President. It’s safe to say we all saw it coming.

If you have not done so already, check out his website. The campaign staff apparently caught wind of a recent online surge in grassroots movements and created a way for YOU to get involved and become part of a larger idea. This, my friends, is what will cause him to win the election.

It’s one thing to have independent grassroots cmapaigns supporting you, but for a political candidate such as Obama to become involved himself is historic. I stand by my belief that Barack Obama is the most relevant candidate to hit the scene since the days of JFK. The bottom line is that he knows how to connect with people.

Hope is a five letter word, which is spelled: O-b-a-m-a and when combined with relevancy, is unbeatable. Of course, there are some people that would like to play the experience card with Obama and I would welcome that argument if there were proof that experience leads to good leadership. We all know, based on the failures of the current administration, that that is not the case. President Bush had great experience in Texas and when elected, surrounded himself by folks like V.P. Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld –both of whom served under two Presidents. Perhaps the thought doesn’t need to be completed. You can see where I am going with this. It should be noted that Barack Obama had enough mental experience and intelligence to oppose the war from the its very inception.

But that’s not the name of the game. The name of the game is hope. It’s what the American people are craving. It’s what the rest of the world is craving. And hope, my friends, is a five letter word. This is how you spell it: O-b-a-m-a.

Until next time,


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