Barack Obama in Alabama

Barack in Selma with Hillary and Bill Clinton; NY Times.

The New York Times ran a great article about Barack Obama’s latest campaign stop in Selma, Alabama. It’s a nice, feel-good read. I think it’s worth perusing in the middle of this campaign. It details how Obama and the Clintons walked with several black leaders in this civil rights milestone town.

Despite the fact that I think Hillary Clinton still seems very insincere in her efforts, as a great contrast to both her husband and Obama, it is nice to see these two rivals come together for the bigger thing here. It is important to remember our history so we can see how far we have progressed in the latest half-century. When white police officers were beating mostly black protesters in Selma, I doubt anyone would have imagined that not even 50 years later, a black man would be running for president and he would have nation-wide support from both black and white voters. Not to mention hispanic, asian, native American, and any and all ethnicities that live in this diverse country. If there is one thing that I admire about Barack Obama more than anything, it is his ability to unify. This country is more divided now than it has been in a long while. Obama is just the man to unify the country. I actually like Hillary Clinton. I think she is a very sharp and intelligent politician. However, I fear what she may do in terms of division in this country. It is about time we had someone that we can all identify with in the White House that will unify us. That someone is Barack Obama.

Some other notes from this brief little stop:

  • I find it interesting how little things keep popping up about Obama everywhere, trying to prevent him from running or trying to soil his name. Someone recently tracked down Barack Obama’s family records and found that his mother’s great-great-great-great-grandfather owned slaves. (By the way, can we use the Patriot Act to check Karl Rove’s library records to see if he’s checked out anything related to this?). Obama’s response was that “That’s no surprise. That’s part of our tortured, tangled history.” Still, it is amazing the lengths that these people are willing to go. Fortunately, it does not seem to bother Obama nearly as much as it bothers the rest of us. He’s probably been struggling with this his entire life.
  • My favorite part of the article? The following:

    Mary Broadnax, 52, was walking closely behind, absorbing a moment she would never have imagined growing up in nearby Montgomery. After hearing Mr. Obama speak, she said she would do whatever she could to see him win the presidency.

    “I love Bill Clinton, but if he came up to me and asked me to support Hillary, I would have to say I’m sorry,” Ms. Broadnax said, pausing before unspooling a long string of attributes about Mr. Obama. “He’s the right man for our time.”

    I think Mary Broadnax said what we were all thinking and have been thinking since Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama announced their intentions to run.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Bill Clinton is secretely rooting for Barack? Or at least secretely hoping that his wife can drop out/lose so he can full fledgedly rock with Barack?

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  1. This is incredible! Awesome job!

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