Blog Team

Dear Rock with Barack members and Barack Obama members,

The blog is still under construction but I’m about to start up the blog consistently and keep it active for as long as we and Barack need it. I need some passionate people to join me on a small blog team. We will be blogging and keeping up a lively internet discussion. This will be a chance to make a difference through this fun and relatively new way of communicating with people. If you are interested in being a part of our team and this great opportunity to help out Barack Obama, please message me.

We will be looking for a limited, committed number of people to be available for blogging with me as an editor and part-time contributor. As easy as it could be to limit this blog team to people we know or the few officers here, we’re looking to get as many of you involved in this as we can. This team will function like a crucial magazine or newspaper room. We will be very active and constantly doing things to help Barack Obama.

Please note, even if you do not think you can be committed to the blog team, we will be running several guest entries so feel free to contact me about that as well.

Hope to hear from lots of you soon,

Will Nomikos
Blog Team Director
Rock with Barack

p.s. Hope you’ve signed the Vilsack petition!


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  1. Great idea.

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