Vilsack Petition

Our executive director, Nathan Lean, has been kind enough to explain the purpose of the petition we’re pushing right now. I’ll leave you with that until our next real blog entry.
– Will Nomikos

Iowa is a field of dreams when it comes to Presidential primary elections. It’s the magical place that can make or break any Presidential hopeful and for years has become the go-to stomping ground for candidates and their platforms. It’s unlike any other caucus in the country and since 1976 has been a strong indicator of which Presidential candidate might win the nomination at their party’s national convention.

We believe that Barack Obama is the best person for the job and we support him. Rock with Barack has created a way to help Sen. Obama win the support of Iowa. We have drafted an official petition urging the support of former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack by requesting that he endorse Barack Obama and his bid for President. We want you to help us by signing up. Youth votes in this election will be more important than ever and we plan to create enthusiasm for Barack that will help him win Iowa. An endorsement by Vilsack would help tremendously as we believe many of the former Governor’s supporters would reach out to this “politics of hope” and embrace the vision and leadership of Barack Obama.

All we are asking for is your signature. Thirty seconds of your time could help us take back America! Let’s do this for Barack!

You can find the petition online here:

I leave you with this quote from Barack Obama himself:

“I’ve learned that meaningful change always begins at the grassroots, and that engaged citizens working together can accomplish extraordinary things”

We need a “more perfect union.”

We need a “politics of hope.”

We need you.

Be sure to visit our website at

Thanks for reading!

Nathan Lean is a senior piano major at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC and the Executive Director of Rock with Barack. He is a Master’s in International Studies candidate with a focus in political science and cultural arts. He has spent time living in and touring Morocco and has performed various concerts as a guest of the United States Embassy.


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