State of the Union 3-9-07

Welcome to “State of the Union.” Here we will be taking some quick hit looks around the country. Not much here will be Obama-related but we feel it’s just as important to give an overview of the country as a whole. Otherwise, how can we justify the great need for Barack Obama in this nation.

Now, with no further ado…the State of the Union

  • The NY Times ran an article examing the after-effects of the Scooter Libby sitution. Apparently, there is talk of a Bush pardon for Libby. I’m torn. The moralist in me wants to see Libby punished for his actions as determined by the United States legal system. No one is above the system. However, the politician in me wants to see George W. Bush pardon Libby just so Bush and all of his White House “posse” can see if the American people are willing to take this situation any longer. My guess would be that something like this would push a big chunk of the country over the line. How much longer is Washingtong going to be this dirty and corrupt? It’s all up to us, folks.
  • Honestly? I think Libby is just the scapegoat here. I don’t think anyone will come down and save him. He’s the fall guy…everything is pretty much going according to plan. Again, it’s all up to us folks. We’ve got a pretty big election coming up.
  • My friend Evan Lowry, who will soon be joining the Blog Team officially when we announce it sometime soon, sent me this link yesterday. He followed it with this note: “My question is, with three thousand dead American soldiers in Iraq, is this what we need CNN to be covering?” Good point, Mr. Lowry. Good point.
  • My retort: the top headline was “Obama Pays Harvard $375 for Outstanding Parking Tickets.” No mention of the Scooter Libby trial. It’s almost as if they are trying to intentionally make conservatives look better than Democrats. Oh wait.
  • Seriously though, it seems as if Fox News (as well as most conservatives) have two agendas right now: besmirching Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani. Could this be because they know Obama is the best Democratic candidate while Giuliani is the candidate that most Democrats would prefer losing to in an election? I say yes. I’m flattered. You know when Fox News goes after you, you’ve made it. Then again, you could just be a Democrat with unpaid parking tickets from two decades ago. But what do I know, I am but a blogger.
  • In another shocking revelation, the Justice Department decided that the FBI misused the Patriot Act. To quote the great Will Smith: “Somehow “I told you so” just doesn’t quite say it.” Oh well, at least it’s coming out now.
  • In a decisive setback for gun control, “a federal appeals court in Washington today struck down on Second Amendment grounds a gun control law in the District of Columbia that bars residents from keeping handguns in their homes.” This will be interesting to pursue as it develops. In the election it could become an interesting issue. Obama is pro-gun control while many of his opponents are split. Definitely look for this in an upcoming “Rock with the Issues.”
  • The biggest story this week, however, has to be what is going on Iraq-wise. U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates approved more troops to be sent to Iraq on Wednesday and according to General David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander, that number might only increase if the U.S. stays in Iraq. Fortunately, Congress Democrats quickly responded by setting forth their proposal for pulling out of Iraq. Quoting from the latter article, “the Democrats’ leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said the bill would get US troops out of Iraq “safely, responsibly and soon.” I think we can all agree that that’s we want more than anything; to get out boys back home safe. Obviously, this situation is very complicated and has many intricate subplots. I simply wanted to introduce it here because this will be the first issue we will be discussing in “Rock with the Issues.” So let the settle as we delve into this election process and hear what Barack Obama has to say about the war.
  • Those are my quick hits for this time…so until the next State of the Union entry,

    Keep rocking,

    Will Nomikos
    Internet/Blog Team Director


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