Unpaid Parking Tickets

The lesson is to always pay your parking tickets. Even if they are 20 years old and add up to about $300.00. Then again, even if you do pay those tickets, make sure you do it non-discretely? I don’t know even anymore. What I do know is that I am getting more and more frustrated with the opposition’s constant attempts to make Barack Obama look bad. Obviously, they can’t find anything else to nitpick outside of parking tickets. Ok. Fine with me. It is just getting old. Very old.

I’m sorry. Maybe I should backtrack. I just returned from my spring break. During this spring break, I went home for a couple of days. I live in Somerville, Massachusetts (town just north Cambridge and Boston). Barack Obama used to live in Somerville during his Harvard law days. While I was at home I checked out the local Somerville paper. I wouldn’t have given it a second look but there was a feature on Obama. Apparently this paper was the first to break the Obama parking tickets story that Fox News ran with last week. And they were quite proud of it.

I talked to someone who’d read the article and they commented that what bothers them isn’t the parking tickets but the fact that Obama sent one of his “people” to come and pay the bill. No, no, that makes perfect sense. It’s not like he’s been on the campaign trail while serving as a U.S. Senator all at the same time. It’s not like you can make an argument that Obama may be the busiest man in America right now. No. The other critique is that he took too long. How about we instead focus on the fact that Obama had the guts to come out and say “…hey, here’s something I did that was wrong but I’m going to rectify it in the best way I can…” In the words of a Geico caveman: “Yeah. Sorry we couldn’t get that to you sooner.” He is actually trusting us, the American people, to understand this tiny thing for what it is and just look at the bigger picture. A politician – trusting the people! What a novel concept! And at least he’s not a hypocrite who has based his entire political career off of criticizing others who made the same mistake (hi Newt!).

If you gain anything whatsoever from this glorified rant it is to look past all the mudslinging, most of which will come Obama’s way. He’s an easy target and his opponents will stop at nothing to make him look bad. Please focus on bigger issues, though. Focus on the fact that this country needs a decisive leader. Focus on the benefits of a universal health care plan. Focus on a better environment. Focus on better educational policy. Focus on this country’s state of division and we need a politician that can unify us all, regardless of party, race, religion, or anything. Focus on Barack Obama in 2008. Do the little things really matter in the long run? (especially when most of the mudslinging will be half-truths at best).

Keep on rocking and sign the Vilsack petition-we’re looking to hit 2,500!

Will Nomikos
Internet/Blog Team Director


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