Iraq-From a Different Perspective

Being from a military background, Jessica Sellers sees Iraq from a different perspective yet reaches the same conclusion we do. We welcome her enthusiastically to the team with this fascinating view on the war in Iraq.

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Headlines read: Suicide bomber in Baghdad kills American Soldiers…

Bomber in Baghdad kills AMERICA SOLDIERS!

American Soldiers…my dad. My family. My friends. My country men and women.

I can’t help but think that part of me knows these American Soldiers. I grew up an Air Force Brat. I moved from state to state just about every two years. I have lived in eleven houses in the past twenty years and know it was all because the Air Force needed my dad elsewhere. I have grown up knowing all kinds of different people in different branches of the military. I have grown up knowing the camaraderie that comes with being a military family; we only had each other when we moved. Military family life is different than that of a stationary family. I find that knowing what I know about military life that has given me different point of view about the anniversary of the Iraqi War the United States is engaged in.

Every time I watch the news I am forced to remember the summer of 1999, just before my senior year. It was then that I watched, almost helplessly, as my father boarded a bus, which was to take him to a plane, which would fly him to a destination unknown. DESTINATION UNKNOWN? What was this to mean? To me it meant that my dad was going somewhere were he was not going to be safe. Though I was older than my three younger sisters and knew that my dad was going to war, I couldn’t help but feel an extreme sense of foreboding. How many families have experienced this? With the upsurge of enlistment after September 11, 2001, thousands of families experienced it. Hundreds of families still experience it when their loved ones come home and tell them they are being deployed to Iraq.

I feel as if these two major events in my life accompanied with growing up military has created an awareness that is hyper-sensitive to those who put their lives in danger simply by being in Iraq. We have now passed the four year anniversary of the War in Iraq and I can’t help but to pause and think about those who are there now, those who were there, and those who never saw their families again. My heart breaks for them. I want them all to come home safe and sound to their families, for those I know so I can see you again and for those I don’t may I possibly meet you. I hate this war. I hate the reasons we are in Iraq, we had no business going there. I hate that we were lied to! I feel betrayed! I feel an intense sense of loss when I hear of those that have died fighting for “democracy.” Part of me dies with them. I just hope, without any real conviction, that we will soon be out of Iraq.

My earnest wish is to one day read in the headlines: American soldiers coming home, at last.


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