Why do we support Barack Obama

This is the first of (hopefully) many contributions by our latest blogger, Linda Hansen. Linda is not a student but rathern a more experienced liberal. Her perspective is completely different from that of the other bloggers on this blog and of many bloggers in general. See her bio for more information. I think you will enjoy reading what she has to say.
– Will N.

Why do we support Barack Obama? Another good reason:

Here’s the Myth of gays/lesbians honorably serving their country in the armed services: They are dangerous. They are “bad for morale.” While our straight military men and women are courageous enough to fight in the wild terrain of Afghanistan, in the streets of Baghdad and Fallujah, brave enough to face IEDs without adequately armed vehicles and bullets without adequate body armor, a gay/lesbian comrade-in-arms is a deadly threat. A gay/lesbian soldier scares them senseless. There’s something rotten about those sexual deviants. They’re unfit to serve…unless they refuse to tell the truth about who they are. Some things have to be covered up. For the good of the war on terror. For national security. For the good of a “Christian” nation…

What’s rotten here is the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. It serves no practical purpose. It denigrates gay/lesbian men and women who have served their country–and died for it–in the past. It denigrates those who choose to serve today. It glorifies dishonor and dishonesty.

And this official policy of lies has been adopted by the White House. In one scandal after another, one act of misfeasance or malfeasance after another committed by this administration, Congress has no right to ask, Bush cronies/aides have no obligation to tell. The truth about going to war in Iraq? Don’t ask, don’t tell. Gitmo, black sites and torture? Don’t ask, don’t tell. Illegal wiretapping, spying on American citizens? Don’t ask, don’t tell. Outing a 20 year undercover CIA agent and compromising every contact she ever made? Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Now it’s the firing of eight DOJ prosecutors because they failed to “be loyal to the administration…and its policies.” What did they do wrong? One went after Duke Cunningham. Others refused to drop active cases to go after Democrats the White House wanted smeared before the 2004 election because, to paraphrase one of the prosecutors, “There’s no case here!” One was, well, just inconvenient. Rove wanted his own fair-haired boy to have the job in Arkansas. They were fired for political reasons, blamed for “poor performance”, their reputations damaged in the process.

New policy: Alberto Gonzales lied. At a March 13th press conference he denied he participated at all–ever–in any discussion about firing the attorneys. He swore he never saw any documents about the firings. Newly released documents prove that he did, indeed, attend a meeting on November 27, 2006, with senior aides to discuss the firing of selected DOJ attorneys and approved “a detailed plan to carry out the dismissals.”

Dubyah says he will not permit any of his gang to testify in open session, under oath, about any of this. Executive privilege. National security. Monica Goodling, Gonzales’s liaison to the White House, says she will invoke her fifth amendment right to refuse to answer any questions asked by Congress. Why? Her answers might incriminate her. Gonzales, his aides and the White House declare they have done nothing wrong. So why the need for fifth amendment protection? Why the demand for secret interviews with no swearing in and no transcripts?

When a democracy dies, the public’s right to know the truth is the first thing to go. The tyrant shrieks “I’m the Decider!” Neither Congress nor the voting public merits any explanation. He will veto one, ignore the other. His word becomes law.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s for your own good, America. It’s how we keep you “safe” from homosexuals and terrorists. It’s how we keep you deaf, dumb and blind while we eviscerate the Bill of Rights and strangle the life out of a free nation.

Why do we need Barack Obama? Why do we commit, recommit, to this candidacy? Because he is an expert in constitutional law, in civil rights law. Because he cherishes both ideals. Because he is the anti-Bush.


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  1. I would just like to commend Linda on calling out a policy that has NO PLACE in ANY environment, let alone the highest levels of our own government. “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” has stretched far beyond gays and lesbians and has been taken on as a blanket policy by the Bush administration. FINALLY someone is standing up and saying so. If we glorify lies in our military, don’t we glorify all lies? This is a policy I’ve found abhourant since its inception – as a former military wife I can tell you that it disgusts me to think that we will ask these young men and young women to take a bullet for their country, to stand guard while under fire, to sacrafice everything they care about (because significant others and children aren’t “military issued”), hold them to a standard of honesty and citizenship that most people would find difficult to ahere to and then have the AUDACITY to then insist that they LIE about the biggest part of some of their lives. What a line to feed a 18 year old fresh out of boot camp – “lying will get you a court marshal and quick, unless you are lying about who you are sleeping with”. We buy into THAT lie but think that the government is honest with us? George W. Bush has taken Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell to a whole new, and frighteningly accepted level. We need a change. We need Barack Obama.

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