Rock with Barack refines its message!

As I began my usual morning activities of surfing the Obama website, watching the YouTube videos of speeches and promos for hours on end, losing track of time after having read blogs and new articles related to the Senator, and missed my afternoon classes as a result, a certain image kept coming back to my mind. It was of Barack Obama, standing in the middle of a crowded café, sleeves rolled up, collar loosened, and a bit of sweat on his brow. The people in the café are silently watching, gazing with an awe-struck look of inspiration, listening to every word as if it tasted like a sweet desert that they hated to come to the end of. The image was a still shot of a video where Barack is explaining his background, and at this moment, when the flash went off, Obama is telling the crowd about his efforts as a community organizer and a grassroots activist.

Barack Obama led efforts to register over 150,000 new voters in Chicago.

I was already inspired by the man, but at after working with the board of directors for Rock with Barack in an attempt to refine our message and goal, it became clear that we should model our efforts at the grassroots level after those of the man we so fervently support.

I want to tell you about an upcoming project that Rock with Barack is leading. We have decided to focus our volunteer efforts on voter registration in the state of South Carolina. By December 30 2007, we want to register 10,000 new primary voters in the state. Certainly it’s an ambitious goal, but we have a certain audacity of hope that leads us to believe that we can accomplish this.

South Carolina is so important to the primary elections. The voter registration procedures are more difficult than most states, meaning that the number of people registering themselves may be lower than in other areas. We can help them, and I hope you will join our efforts.

Right now, under the direction of Obama for America staff members and the South Carolina Election Commission, we are assembling what we call an “army of volunteers.” The idea is to get as many people on board, interested in helping in the Fall, signed up to sit at tables, go door-to-door, and whatever else we need to do to get this done. We want to work with surrounding states too, hoping to combine resources of other grassroots groups to create something substantial in the Fall. Once our “army” is in place and we are certain we have made a good deal of contacts that want to go out into the communities, things will begin to start. For now, we are recruiting, and like Uncle Sam, we want YOU.

I leave you with this charge: If you think you can help, please do. Let’s combine our ideas and efforts to help take the vision of Senator Obama to the White House. Senator Obama once said, “The best education I received was working with people in the community on a grassroots basis because what it taught me was that ordinary people, when they are working together, can do extraordinary things.”

I know we have the ability to do extraordinary things.

E-mail me if you are interested or have questions:

Nathan Lean
Director, Rock with Barack


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