More from Columbia, SC

Yesterday was a very intense day in the political world. Barack Obama spoke to hundreds of College Democrats at the annual convention held here in South Carolina. Appealing to the common desire for change Obama said:

“Its time for a new generation in Washington… It’s time to get past the old debates that have divided us. Talks about the health care plan. If you graduate and you can’t get a job right away, you’re going to be able to stay on your plans insurance into your 25. I can’t problem that they’ll let you live at home until that age, but I can assure you you’ll have access to health insurance.”

“I want to ask you to return to your college campus and register 10, 15 new voters. Let’s show America that you do make a difference, that you’re vote counts. This our chance to show them wrong. Now in this election, it’s our turn. let’s right that next chapter, let’s turn that new page. Let’s change America.”

The State writer Brad Warthen wrote this.

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