Blog Team


Evan Lowry
Deputy Blog Team Director

Jessica Sellers
Senior Blogger

Jessica is a senior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha majoring in elementary education. Being raised in a military family, she understands what it means to be apart of the government, at least from the sidelines. It is a different world from a soldier’s family’s point of view. Jessica supports Barack because of his general persona, beliefs, unwavering need to tell his story and his fight for a better education in areas of lower income.

Linda Hansen

A Southern woman, a proud liberal who has bucked the tide–and the system–for nearly forty years. Mother of three, grandmother of seven. A working writer for over twenty years, a weekly op-ed columnist whose passion of late is shining a light into the cavernous black hole of this administration’s creation. “I want my country back before it is too late to save my children and my grandchildren.” Why is Barack Obama relevant? Because he is the anti-Bush. It will take no less than a Barack Obama to save us from ourselves.

Guest Contributors

Nathan Lean
Executive Director,

Nathan Lean is a senior piano major at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC and the Executive Director of Rock with Barack. He is a Master’s in International Studies candidate with a focus in political science and cultural arts. He has spent time living in and touring Morocco and has performed various concerts as a guest of the United States Embassy.

Marcus Gadson
Deputy Director,


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  1. Thought my fellow Obama supporters might like to know about First Run Features’ new doc, SENATOR OBAMA GOES TO AFRICA. Check out the free clip…

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